About Coffee and the News

My coffee is holy,

Each morning, pure and black without milk, sugar, honey, cream, jam, sawdust or whatever people put in their coffees these days. And while I enjoy this heavenly black nectar of life, I cruise through the news: Time Magazine, Foreign Policy, The Economist, The Guardian, The New York Times, Al Jazeera and even some local newspapers.

And I rejoice (more on that later), because mistakes are made, lots of mistakes. Perhaps not from a consumer’s point of view, however, from an analytical perspective, frustrations mount and I won’t keep myself from pointing out the inconsistencies.

For this reason (and others), I started this blog. Journalism is going through a transition phase, and it is up to the news consumer to decide where that future lies. If we keep on consuming as we do now: ready-made simplified news stuffed into a top-5 list, than there won’t be much left of journalism in 15 years besides top 10 cat pictures and study shows that the colour green is good for you. Editorial boards will adjust to the perception that this is what the public needs, and the assumed consumer desires (calculated by clicks) will replace journalistic value of informing.

But not if I had my bloody coffee it won’t.

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