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Today in “Frequently Missed Facts”, we are going to know more about the little details that make Greece. So tell us all about the little forgotten facts that make Greece what Greece is today in the comment section.

Frequently Missed Facts

What we ask of you in this section is to use our comment section to tell us one contextualised and sourced fact about the country in question. The aim is to have people understand what is happening, or what happened. Media can gloss over data that is crucial to understand a certain conflict or event.

Some points

  • Write about one contextualising fact on a certain topic of the country in question
  • Source it with at least three sources
  • Choose verifiable topics/facts
  • The topic can be anything about the country: a historical event to a current day crisis
  • Preferably narrow, concrete data that you feel has been left out of the media
  • The fact itself should fit into one phrase.
  • Try to avoid patriotic, controversial and hard to verify facts (for example: if I were to add either Romania or Hungary, try not to say: “Hungarians colonised Transylvania/Romanians were the offspring off the Dacians” as it is almost impossible to verify conclusively either off the two)
  • You can reply to your own comment with a context around the fact. This can be as short or as long as you want it to be (but refrain from writing essays, and also, make sure it is sourced)


One thought on “Country FMF: Greece”

  1. Topic: Greek Debt Crisis | According to a study of the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), only 9.7 Bn EUR of the total package of 220 Bn (May 16) went to revitalising the Greek economy (less than 5%). Another study (Jubilee Debt Campaign) found that off the €252 billion, €232.9 billion went to dept repayment, and about 10% went to the Greek people.

    Sources: BBC, Der Spiegel, (ESMT Study) The Independent,(Jubilee study)

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